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Created on: March 19, 2000

Last edited on: May 4, 2013

Harn is Copy righted by Columbia Games and N. Robin Crossby.
At present there is a dispute between them over the copyright to the system.


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    This page contains links to General notes on Harn and Harn Rules, and Historical notes which might be of interest to Harn Players.
    Links will be provided to General Notes on Harn; Notes specific to Kaldor; Information on Mernat developed by the Author for a First Edition Campaign there; Information on Marnia, a kingdom in another world of the Kethiran system of worlds, the site owner’s thoughts on the Gargun, and information on a Lythian barbarian people the Reksyni.
    This page also includes links to Coats of Arms for those of you interested in Heraldry.
    The web master is interested in running a face to face role playing group for Harn Players in the Madison, Wisconsin area. If you are interested send e-mail to the web master.


        This link is for items relating to the sea and ships including modules and house rules.
     For bring your own character rules. These rules are intended for use where the GM running the event allows this.

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